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​Oil Treatment -Oil Massage-

It is a body care method that uses oil and emphasizes working mainly on the circulatory system such as blood and lymph.

By promoting the flow of lymph nodes, waste products are discharged from the body, and in addition to improving symptoms such as coldness and swelling, you can expect effects such as eliminating stiff shoulders by promoting blood circulation and increasing metabolism.

The oil used isWe use "ply oil" made by extracting the extract of pontsuku ginger (ply).

By using ply oil, you can expect to loosen muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve stiffness and increase metabolism.


  90 minutes 11000 yen

120 minutes 14000 yen

150 minutes 16500 yen


* 5 minutes foot bath and after tea included

​ *1000 yen OFF for first time customers

*Please allow 15 minutes for counseling on your first visit.

​ *For male customers other than those introduced, we will take a copy of their ID. Thank you for your cooperation.

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