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​Therapist Introduction

J.ingJai means "in all sincerity" in Thai.

​We are sincerely committed to the health of our clients, and we will treat each other with sincerity.




Born in 1985, from Udon Thani, Thailand

​Thai Government Certified Senior Therapist

12 years experience as a therapist

Thai government certified senior (advanced) therapist who is certified as a therapist by the Thai government

I have been teaching Thai traditional massage to students all over the world for 8 years as a teacher at the ITM (International Trading Massage school) Thai massage school certified by the Thai government and the Ministry of Health.

He is very popular with students due to his bright and friendly character and high level of skill.

In addition to Level 1 and Level 2 classes at ITM, I am also in charge of extra classes such as foot reflexology, runner advanced stretching, elbow & knee power massage.

Among them, elbow & knee technique attracts therapists who come to study from all over the world.

In 2016, she was also in charge of a class at a spa in Shanghai, China.

In 2019, he was awarded as the best lecturer by the Chiang Mai Private School Association.

Not only strength, but powerful stretches and precise techniques cultivated through research and experience. The overwhelming feeling of exhilaration after the treatment is amazing.

Even in Thailand, it is hard to meet a therapist of this level.

It is highly recommended for those who like firm pressure and strong pressure.

Don't worry, you can also adjust the pressure to a weaker level.

*I am studying Japanese. Please understand that it will be an exchange in simple Japanese words. (English Okay)

​ * Sayaka will be present during counseling.


・Thai government certified senior therapist

・Thai Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health certified school ITM teacher

​・World Association of NUAD THAI & SPA Japan Director


・Ruan Pilai Occupation Training School Thai Massage Training Course 150 hours

・Certified Passed the National Skill Standard Testing approved by Skill Development Promotion Committed as Thai Traditional Massage,Level 1,Udonthani Provincial Center for Skill

・NUAD BO-RARN THAI MASSAGE Level 1-4 180 hours ITM School

・Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training (CAPT) 390 hours, ITM School

・Thai Traditional Massage (180 hours), Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor

・Elbow and Knee Power Thai Massage,ITM School

・Lanna Thai Advanced Stretching Massage, ITM School

・​Completed the Upgrade Training Course in Master Trainer for Thai Traditional Massage (30 hours), Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor


owner therapist

Born in 1984 in Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture

Thai Government Certified School ITM Certified Senior Lecturer

​ 11 years experience as a therapist

While working at an oil treatment shop, he developed hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's disease, making it difficult to work as before.

While searching for what I can do to improve my work style and symptoms,

I know that it is said in Thailand that "If you take Yu-Fai after giving birth, you will be less likely to suffer from menopause in the future."

(Hashimoto's and menopausal symptoms are said to be similar, and both are influenced by hormones.)

From the experience of the difficulty of taking care of oneself after the onset of illness and the pain of living, I thought that if I could prevent the increase in the suffering peculiar to women and if I could take care of the symptoms, I would like to go to the northern part of Thailand. Learn Yufai and Traditional Thai Massage in the City of Chiang Mai.

I want to experience the depth and potential of traditional Thai massage and the effects of powerful Thai herbs through my own body and treatment, and deliver treatments for more people's physical and mental health, and women's healthy bodies and smiles. So, in addition to working at a Thai massage shop in Tokyo, I decided to open a salon in Inzai City after performing individual treatments using herbal heat therapy.

​ It features unique techniques such as gentle Thai massage that does not hurt, and deep shiatsu that does not hurt.

​*Sayaka will always be in charge of the Yufai course.


・Thai Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health accredited ITM Senior Lecturer

・Yufai Association Yufai Self Care Advisor, Yufai Trainer

・AEAJ Aromatherapy Test Level 1


・NUAD BO-RARN THAI MASSAGE Level 1-4 180 hours ITM School

・Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training (CAPT) 390 hours, ITM School

・Spa Mantra Runner type Yufai

・Thai uterus balance therapy

・ITM School Foot Reflexology

・Clinical Thailand Research Institute Evaluation

​ etc.

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