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​Thai Spa Course -Thai spa course-

In this course, we will perform an oil massage after relaxing and loosening your body with a traditional Thai massage..

By receiving an oil massage after firmly loosening your body with a traditional Thai massage, you can further promote the discharge of waste products and increase the treatment effect.

This is a luxurious course that will give you a deeper sense of relaxation as it will have a higher effect on your mind.

​Recommended for those who are tired from daily life, those who want to reset their bodies, and those who want to relax.

The oils used are almond oil, sesame oil, squalane oil, etc., depending on the season.It is used in combination with "ply oil" made by extracting the extract of pontsuku ginger (ply).

By using ply oil, you can expect to loosen muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve stiffness and increase metabolism.

​Aroma oil is also available. It is also possible to choose aroma oil according to the mood of the day.

*​ Traditional Thai massage may be performed on the treatment bed

150 minutes ¥17,000

180 minutes​   20000 yen

210 minutes ¥23,000

*Counseling,Foot bath and after tea for 30-40 minutes

​ *We only accept referrals for male customers​.

​ *A male therapist may be in charge

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