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​Click here for those who are learning Yuphi for the first time
​Yufai self-care course
-Fai Self Care -


When menstrual pain is painful, when PMS is painful,

Or when your family is suffering from menstrual cramps or irregularities,

​I don't know what to do...

or for ill health

I want to take care of myself with natural products

I don't know what to do...

Don't you think so?

Warm up your body with herbs and all kinds of heat therapy. Yufai supports the body's ability to detoxify and return to its original body.

originally from thailandpostpartum care,In order to adjust the position of the uterus and improve the circulation of the whole body,Not only for postpartum, but also for menstrual pain and irregular menstruation, body building for pregnancy,

Prevention and care of various uterine diseases,Prevention and care of menopausal symptoms, diet, etc.

Yufai can be expected to be effective.

It's really comfortable to warm up and looser while it's effective.

let go of things you don't need

get what you need

yufai care

It helps the function that the body originally possessed.

When I'm not feeling well for some reason,

when my heart is down

When there is a disorder related to menstruation or uterus,

when it's cold,

When you want to relax your mind and body,

with yufai care

My mind and body are in order

Filled with gentle energy

Yufai Care is a truly reliable ally for you and your family.

From the 20 types of Yufai techniques,

You can learn self-care methods and knowledge that you can do yourself"​Yufai self-care course”

There are 4 frames in total.You can participate from 1 frame.

​Required time per frame: 3-4 hours

​ Tuition fee per frame: 10000 yen ~

Japanese Language only

♦︎ Anatomy for women

♦︎Thai Herb Lecture and Herb Scrub

♦︎ Tummy care for women

♦︎Self-herb salt pot


In the U-FAI Self-Care Course, we sometimes talk naturally about our own physical concerns, and learn in a fun way as if we were chatting.

Unexpectedly unknown things about women's bodies, self-care that can be done for women's bodies

Would you like to learn from the Thai wisdom of "Yu-Fai"?

​ There are four types of self-care courses. You can learn from one frame

The Yu Phi Self Care course is a request.

Feel free to request if it doesn't fit your schedule.

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