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​Herb Thermal Care YU-FAI

Yufai means "by the fire"It is a traditional Thai postpartum care that means that it is a strong detox care that heals the mind and body of postpartum women and supports the recovery of the postpartum body.

A lot of Thai herbs and heat warm the body (especially the stomach) and balance the uterus.

Originally started as a postnatal care, Uphi is effective in improving the circulation of the whole body and arranging the uterus, care for menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, PMS, PMDD, fertility, menopausal symptoms, and dieting. is expected, and it is spreading as herbal thermal care for all women.

Yufai combines several treatment methods, but none of them

It warms the body, loosens the body, and promotes the excretion of unnecessary substances (unnecessary substances in the stomach, such as vaginal discharge, swelling, and fat. In the case of postpartum, lochia).

As a result, the movement of the internal organs will be able to work as it should, and it will lead to the improvement of all the tours in the body.

By receiving it regularly, you will feel changes not only in your body but also in your mind.

◇◇Recommended for people like this◇◇

Never received postpartum care (postpartum no matter how many years have passed)

I want to improve symptoms related to menstruation, such as menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, and PMS.

・ I want to care for menopausal symptoms

・I want to improve sensitivity to cold

have constipation

・Want to get pregnant

・I want to do something about my lower abdomen

・Worried about swelling of the body

・I just want to relax​

ーTreatment methodー

・"Hot block" that presses a warmed lava block against the body

・Gently soothing massage

・"Salt Pot" detoxes and tightens the stomach with the power of herbs and thermal effects

・Absorb the medicinal effects of herbs throughout the body. Smooth skin "Herb Steam Sauna"

・"Oil treatment" that gently loosens without putting a burden on the body

・​ “Herb ball” with a pleasant scent of herbs and steam that permeates the body

A combination of 2 to 4 of these treatment methods is performed.

All are painless and gentle procedures.

​Postpartum women can receive it 2 weeks after natural birth and 1 month after caesarean section.

For the first time, the body is cold and most people have difficulty getting heat.

Therefore, we recommend 180 minutes for the first session.


  90 minutes 12000 yen (no sauna)

120 minutes 15000 yen

150 minutes ¥18,000

180 minutes 21000 yen


*Counseling,foot bath, after tea

Please allow 30-40 minutes

​ *Therapist in charge: Sayaka

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