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​ Herb sauna

Herb sauna that is also used as one of the Thai postpartum care "Yufai" treatments

You can sit in a tent for one person and bathe your whole body in the steam generated by boiling many kinds of Thai herbs.

Spend a comfortable time surrounded by the pleasant scent and warmth of Thai herbs.

◇◇ Expected effect ◇◇

・Promote blood circulation

・Relieve muscle stiffness and fatigue

・Care and prevention of gynecological disorders

・Care for vaginal discharge

・Care and prevention of menopausal symptoms

・Swelling care

・Beautiful skin effect

・Beauty effect

・Adjustment of hormone balance

・Body odor care

・Mental state care

Herb sauna where you can absorb the medicinal effects of Thai herbs with your whole body.

We use Thai herbs that are mainly blended with herbs that are good for the uterus.

When you think of a sauna, you might imagine unbearable heat, but here the temperature is about 40 degrees. It can be adjusted when it gets too hot, so even those who are not good at saunas can use it.

We recommend spending 20-30 minutes in the sauna.

Please spend your time slowly while drinking herbal tea.


30 minutes 3500 yen ((excluding time for changing clothes)


*Counseling,Foot bath and after tea for 30-40 minutes

​ *500 yen OFF when combined with other courses

​ *For male customers other than those introduced, we will take a copy of their ID. Thank you for your cooperation.

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