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​ Click here to learn Yu-Fai as a treatment
​Yufai course for treatment
​-Yoo-Fai for the massage -

When it comes to postpartum care, which muscles should be targeted in women and why? You can learn about the changes in a woman's body after giving birth.

You will learn how to use the hot block, care methods that can be done just by placing it on the body, and how to use the hot block to perform a full-body thermal massage.

In C, we will learn how to gently loosen the tummy, specializing in relaxation that can be done by postpartum women, and give a lecture on how to warm and massage the whole body from the tummy using a salt pot.

Unlike self-care, you can learn techniques that can also be used for postpartum women.


* Qualifications for B and C: Completion of the U-FAI self-care course

*B and C will be issued a diploma (manual submission required)
*After completing A, B, and C, you will be certified as a U-phi therapist by the U-phi Association (with case study and report submission)


A) Muscle anatomy and hot block care for women

   How to use a hot block, how to care just by placing it on your body,

    12000 yen (hot block 1with sheet)  2~3 hours

B)Hot block full body massage

Learn how to massage the whole body with blocks

   35000 yen 6 hours


C) Tummy massage and salt pot for Yu-Fai treatment  

    Full body thermal massage

   U-FAI technique that gently loosens the stomach after childbirth and the salt pot from the stomach to the whole body

    Learn how to heat massage __cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_      

    45000 yen  10 hours/2 days

 D) A・B・C simultaneous course 72000 yen 3 days (including certificate)

​For the latest schedule, please check the schedule on the "Reservation" page, blog, or Instagram.

When applying

・Course name, date


・Self-care course period, advisor name

・Transportation used on the day

Please contact us with ​.


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